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Flexible equipment leasing to accelerate your business growth

Emerging market trend

With the infrastructure industry in India experiencing remarkable growth and an escalating adoption of automation in the construction processes, the demand for equipment leasing is on a persistent rise.

Positive policy reforms which are driving an increasing number of domestic players to enter the market are pushing the demand further.

Equipment leasing: Key benefits

The surge in demand for equipment leasing is fuelled by its myriad benefits such as simplified equipment financing, enhanced liquidity, flexible equipment upgrades, tax benefits, and lower risk of equipment obsolescence among others. These advantages facilitate companies to establish their operations effortlessly and provide opportunities for rapid expansion.

Empowering businesses to build better

SML has invested in an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art construction equipment that meet global standards, including aggregate crushers. Emerging as a preferred partner by private and public construction entities across India, we support businesses to deliver quality construction while adhering to timelines and preserving their cash flows.